Green & Sustainable

Ecotourism with Walk Wild Scotland

We are committed to promoting and developing sustainable, responsible ways of travel including the ‘Leave no Trace’ policy and much more …

Climate Change
Our environment and natural habitats are increasingly threatened by climate change and other human influences. Already many local communities are fighting for their existence. In tourism, we feel particularly committed to creating value that affects the environment, culture, our local population and our regional economy in as positive and responsible a  manner as possible.

Environmental Protection & Learning
We are fortunate to be naturally in contact with nature. Our knowledeable guides are passionate about conveying a deep understanding of and respect for the environment. Thus our groups of max 8 persons leave a very small footprint and allow for closer participation and deeper experience for the individual.

We are in contact with all major environmental organizations, government agencies and local conservationists to keep in touch with new developments and actions, working hand in hand to bring about positive change and awareness.

Sustainability & Experience
We work closely with small businesses, artisans, weavers, artists, musicians and local naturalists to weave meaningful experiences into an authentic travel product.

We follow the ethical principles of the international environmental initiative  ‘Leave no Trace’ and actively support the Woodlands Trust, the John Muir Trust, Trees for Life and the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds.

Travelling to Scotland and Climate Protection
Both Edinburgh and Glasgow are well connected to the European and international transport system.

It is our concern that albeit we are providing nature based tours mostly on foot we are, in effect, enticing visitors to fly. We have therefore teamed up with the environmental organisation Climatecare in order to  offset some of our clients’ carbon footprint. We are striving to become a carbon neutral enterprise within the next 5 years.
We encourage our customers to travel by train whenever possible and make every effort in providing relevant information, help and resources.

If you consider train travel to Scotland you may find suitable options with Eurostar or Interrail. For any public transport enquiries within Scotland Traveline Scotland is at hand.

Those flying to Scotland we invite to consider offsetting the carbon emissions of their flights via Climatecare.

Walk Wild Scotland holds the Green Tourism Silver Business Award since 2011.